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How to transfer recordings to my computer?

Answered Posted by Andrey K. |Comments: 38 | Last reply 3 months ago by James W.
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help please i acidently deleted file ?

Answered Posted by reyna r. |Comments: 28 | Last reply 5 months ago by Tasentter
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hearing playback

Need Answer Posted by Wendy B. |Comments: 21 | Last reply 10 months ago by Leslie
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How about record in stereo?

Answered Posted by toryonway |Comments: 15 | Last reply 3 years ago by cyboy 2.
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How do I change location of recordings to external SD card?

Need Answer Posted by Peter H. |Comments: 5 | Last reply 2 weeks ago by Benito L.
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close app

Need Answer Posted by gary D. |Comments: 1 | Last reply 3 years ago by Guy C.
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SD card save location is not available

Need Answer Posted by Christopher H. |Comments: 1 | Last reply 1 year ago by Thiago C.
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recording stops after ca. 20 minutes

Need Answer Posted by Andy F. |Comments: 3 | Last reply 3 years ago by Kati K.
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How to cut and edit files in the recorder?

Need Answer Posted by Ashwani K. |Comments: 3 | Last reply 3 years ago by Raja B.
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Playback not very loud

Need Answer Posted by Rick D. |Comments: 0 | Last reply 3 years ago by Rick D.