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App crashes on opening after file deletion via computer

A few months ago, I hooked my phone up to my computer to transfer my many recordings and free up space on my phone. I deleted the files through the Windows interface. After the transfer and deletion, I noticed that the file names were still in the Recordings list in the app. I ignored them and continued to record with no problems.

Just today, I again transferred my recordings to my computer, but instead of deleting them through the computer interface, I began deleting them from within the app. I was able to delete several, but after doing so, the app started crashing whenever I long-pressed on a recording (to bring up the delete option), and now it crashes within 10 seconds of being opened.

I have a Droid Maxx running Android 4.4, and I have tried the following things:

Cleared app data in App Manager

Uninstalled SVR (older version)

Wiped cache partition from recovery

Installed new version of SVR

The problem remains. Is there some app data hidden somewhere that needs to be deleted?

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